SSC Result 2019 has been Published! Dakhil Result 2019, SSC Vocational Result 2019!

SSC Result 2019

The SSC Result 2019 is now published! The full meaning of SSC is the Secondary School Certificate. This is the most prominent exam for the students of the school. After, four years of higher schooling students get able to participate in the SSC exam. In 2018, the total number of SSC, Vocational & Dakhil examinees was about 2.2 million. This year about a total number of 21,35,333 students including madrasah and vocational board (10,60,441 boys and 10,64,892 girls) took part in the exam. There are about 17,00,102 students are sitting for the SSC exam 2019.

The new education minister told that this year will leave no chance to leak the question paper as it will be wrapped with special aluminum foil with government verified stamp. By passing the SSC Exam 2019 students will be able to get admission in the higher secondary class or, in diploma. So, knowing the result is one of the important things in the SSC Exam 2019. Students should study carefully to get a better result! You may see your SSC Result 2019 on our website by following some easy steps that are explained below!

SSC Result 2019 Online

Dakhil Result 2019

Dakhil Certificate is equivalent to SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and Dakhil exam 2019 holds for students of Alia (Dakhil) Madrasah, this year about 3,10,172 students are taking part in Dakhil exam. After four years of studying in madrasah, the Dakhil exam comes to the students of madrasah. The Dakhil Examination 2019 will be held on 2nd February 2019 with SSC, The SSC exam and the Dakhil exam are the equivalent level exam, students can get their admission in Higher Secondary level class after passing Dakhil examination. Students of madrasah can also get admission in general colleges as well as in an Alim madrasah. Don't worry students, we are here to help you find your Dakhil Result 2019 and your Dakhil Exam Result 2019 will publish here on our website as well as the SSC Result 2019. Now we will tell you how to check the result online by! You can do it on your own. Follow the instructions below and we are sure that you can make out how to do so.

SSC Vocational Result 2019

SSC Vocational Result 2019 is for the students of Technical education board of Bangladesh. You will learn here how to check the result of this board here! The Technical Education Board is also called as the Vocational Education Board and everyone call this exam SSC Vocational Exam. If you are a student then you are here to check your result online, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the button title as 'Check SSC Result 2019 Online Here' and get your result. But first, you should learn how to check, you will also find how to do it after the image below. Read it with your attention to check your SSC Vocational Result 2019 Online.

SSC Result 2019, Dakhil Result 2019, SSC Vocational Result 2019

How to Check SSC Result 2019 Online?

How to check Dakhil Result 2019 Online? or, How to Check SSC Vocational Result 2019 Online? Now, everyone has a reliable internet connection, also a smartphone. You can see your SSC Result 2019 Online and Dakhil Result 2019 Online here on our website. For checking your result you will need an internet connection. At first, you need to Go Here. And select your Examination to "SSC/Dakhil" and students of vocation need to select the Examination as "SSC (Vocational)", after that you need to select your Exam Year (ex: 2019) and then select the Board (ex: Dhaka) and the madrasah's students must select their board as "Madrasah". Now, enter your Roll number (ex: 173127) and Registration Number (ex: 1518922367). After selecting and entering the necessary inputs, you have to answer a simple mathematical question (ex: 7+9=?). After answering it click on the "Submit" button and now see your SSC Exam Result 2019, SSC Vocational Exam Result 2019 and Dakhil Exam Result 2019.

Check SSC Result 2019 Online Here

When Will SSC Result 2019 Publish?

When SSC Result 2019 Will Publish? The SSC Result 2019 will publish on the month of May 2019 (estimated). The SSC Result 2019, the SSC Vocational Result 2019 and the Dakhil Result 2019 will also publish here on our website. You can get your SSC Exam Result 2019 Online and Dakhil Exam Result 2019 Online from our website. The result publishing day is not fixed but the result will publish by the education board of Bangladesh within 90 days of examination. All board results will publish at the same time and also will be on our website. You can get your result online here on our website instead of going anywhere. It is the quickest and easiest way to find the SSC Result 2019 Online, SSC Vocational Result 2019 and Dakhil Result 2019 Online. Also, it is a wise decision to see the result online. The estimated time of result publishing date is between the 4-6 of May 2019.

SSC Result 2019 publish status:

  1. SSC Result 2014: 17th May
  2. SSC Result 2015: 30th May
  3. SSC Result 2016: 11th May
  4. SSC Result 2017: 4th May
  5. SSC Result 2018: 6th May
  6. SSC Result 2019: Between 1st and 10th May

SSC Result 2019 Checking  Process (Pictorial):

First, Go Here and select your examination to "SSC/Dakhil" or "SSC (Vocational)". Now, Select your exam year and select your board.
SSC Result 2019

Now enter your Roll Number and Registration Number. After that, you have to answer a simple mathematical question. After all, click on the Submit button.

SSC Result 2019 Online
After that, you will get your result on a new page.

SSC Exam Result 2019 Online
That's how you can check your SSC Result 2019 Online or your Dakhil Result 2019 online.

That was easy, right? By following the above process you will learn How to Check the SSC Exam Result 2019, How to Check Dakhil Exam Result 2019 and How to Check SSC Vocational Result 2019. You can do it on your own! If you know how to do it, then you can! If you don't get it How to Check SSC Result 2019 then, please read the article again and follow all the instructions that we gave above. Otherwise, you can send us an email. The students of madrasah can also do it as it is not a difficult process to check the Dakhil Result 2019. Thanks for being with us with your valuable time! We hope that you've got it and checked your result.

Grade Distribution System of SSC Examination:
Marks Range   GP (Grade Point)   Letter Grade

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